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You awoke with anger, affection and blinding fear. You waged a battle between right and wrong as others tried to banish your soul. You cry in the shadows and smile under the sun. You do your best to balance my mind even through times of pain. The ache you encompass me in is at times confusing. It feels good or it renders me helpless. 

When I lash out, you bind my wrists and gag my mouth, but nothing can stop the tears from falling. The power you wield banishes the fury of my roar, muffles the sounds of ecstasy. two sounds which expose my weaknesses. 

Love, you know what I need even when I don’t. The fight between us is everlasting, raw and sometimes bloody. You’ve effectively groomed my rage, testing me, prodding my tender thoughts pushing my soul to experience raw life. 

During my stint in dire straits you forced me to fight against who I thought I was to become who I was supposed to be. Not an easy task when all I saw was a target placed over my heart. People not seeing inside was why I’d built the wall in the first place. In one second, in one diagnosis you slammed through my barriers and forced me to open. To ask for help and let others see all my vulnerabilities. I cowered at first. Rolled up into a ball like a fetus in my mother’s womb. Which is ironic since life had pushed me back to that place where I was helpless without others. Would have most likely died without their assistance.

Epiphany. Thank you, my love for showing me that you exist both inside and out. That you are more than the heart within me. You are an extension of those willing to become a part of me. To accept me. To take my hand and offer their strength when I feel I have none. 

Love is me returning the nurture, the power, the giving, the healing without expectation. To carry those in need to a safe place in their own hearts. Like me, you see it from where you stand. The journey across the tumultuous line is long but not far. I know. 




Who are you? What do you like? Are you kind to others? Do you help humanity progress? Do you feel love in your bones? Would you give your last dollar to help a stranger? Would you die for your country? Would you die for your children? Do you smile to lift someone’s spirits? Do you listen to tears? Hear anguish? Does your heart drop when someone gets hurt? Do you feel loss when someone dies?

 Do you stay calm during an emergency and then break down when you are alone? Does thunder scare you? Are you afraid of the dark? Does the night calm you? Does the ocean give you new perspective to where you rank in the world? Does it hurt when you fall down? Are your tears clear? Does a passionate kiss make you sizzle? Is your partner your complimentary half? Do you view life as a challenge?

Do you get angry at incompetent drivers? Does your face turn beat red when you are embarrassed? Do you have secrets you keep to protect yourself? Do you lie? Do you swear? Do you speak at all? Can you hear the wind, the rain, a crying baby? Do you like board games? Are you a bad winner? Do you walk around obstacles or puzzle out how to get through them? Is there a fruit you do not like? Is reading part of your routine?

Are you afraid for the future? Can you be yourself around others who cannot?

If you answered yes to any of these you are a flesh and blood, individual human who has a right to be?

Now if I ask you, does being gay make you different? What is your answer? And why did you have to think about it?

I’m a happily married woman with three kids. I am bisexual. I adore my husband. I fell in love with his soul and never looked back. If this soul was in a woman’s body, I would feel the same way and I know there is nothing wrong with me? How about you?