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on May 25, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
I enjoyed the storyline. I loves the characters. That kind of love, passion and connection is something most people dream of.


Posted: June 4, 2017 in life lessons
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When the good hate, evil is at the controllers.

To Whom It May Relate…

Posted: June 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

My Goddess’s idea of a rainbow is not pleasant to the naked eye, like a magnificent painting. We are harsh to observe. Contrasts that show a difference. Earth colors, natural, strong. We are, and are not flowers, virgin waters, the result of a storm. Where we come from shapes us, sculpts our attributes to survive, grow, thrive. We are given colors for emotion. Red for angry. Blue for sad. Green for envy. We don’t need symbols, we need to see, to experience, to embrace to have understanding and compassion. To voyage around outside of the world you’ve built, created, those walls dividing ignorance and comfort zone. I say Goddess, but really it is I who believes this, these things which I had to learn through hardship, fear and wonder and belonging. My parents were like yours. Biased, bigotry, sometimes harsh, sometimes gentle, loving in the way they knew how, the way they were taught, stuck in their beliefs handed down by their parents. Somewhat lost in interpretation from generation to generation, maybe you’re a little less harsh and more understanding. Or your anger is deep and the harshness you resented, as a child, is magnified in your behavior. Sometimes you can see what you feared, despised, interpreted as a child and then puzzled out as an adult, to become you. No regrets. No guilt. Being who you are. Underneath the color of your skin where your truth lies. A place others should travel to understand, to dig to feel to touch but most don’t. Too caught up in the color of their own skin. Stuck in the shell, inside their parents’ cage. Defeated or weak or giving up the search for the two keys that would surely set you free. Forgetting that we’re not alone in our misery or our happiness. If you scream, others will come, help, support your journey toward freedom. They cannot give you those keys, but understand the plight of what it took to free them from their own.
Those who believe that tranquility comes from controlling others will forever be, frowning, stuck in thoughts about ways to control, the uncontrollable. The universe has a way of helping them, too. An endeavor you must stay away from, to help from a distance by showing compassion and love and strength where it is the most depleted. All are my family. Humans’, mammals, trees, Earth. Choose to be the beautiful Rose, or the stem on which it grows, or the thorns that protect it. But don’t be the foot that tramples it, because the beauty of it all is not something you can control.