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"Menome" the sense of self… or is there?.

Self accusation is the result of other people’s criticisms invading your world.

a past moment reflected into black light.

Thought of you today. A moment. Not even a second. For the first time there was no pain. No anxiety. No wonders. No whys. I thought of you and shrugged. My world is balanced now. Precise. Full of happy mistakes and carefree adventures. Understanding is a given. Judgment, a crumpled piece of paper from the past, just another story thrown to the cutting room floor. I can’t even remember why or maybe I no longer care, but it’s a good thing. A good feeling to know how to shrug and to not walk away but wander off in a different direction. Always something new and exciting around that corner, if I allow it to be. Otherwise a different direction, another option and another new adventure awaits. Sorry I took you seriously. You weren’t that kind.