I’m Scared!

Posted: October 30, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Trump has brought out the worst in people. It is depressing to find out the depthless hate that encompasses a mind I thought was peaceful and progressive. I don’t wish violence on anyone. This was not always true. After a long grueling journey to self-awareness and acknowledging my responsibility in personal consequences, I am not one to judge. Many experiences mold a person’s perception of the world. I have done a lot to silence the hate from my past so as not to allow it into my future. It’s not easy. What was easy was to make a knee jerk reaction to my demon’s teeth latching onto my emotions to drive me away from my true self; the self that is untouched by other people’s beliefs. I took a step back to see, hear and learn while keeping the distance of peace and love in my heart. I see posts that crush my hopes and dreams. One man’s selfish desires are destroying our great nation. If he were judged as a woman, people would have called him a slut, a whore and a tease. Not rallied behind him to support his demeaning of women, using and then discarding people, taking advantage of our great nation’s loopholes instead of pointing them out, overlooking trials of criminal deception involving and rape and fraud and soon he will be calling for a revolution not caring how many people will be hurt and destroyed while he sits safely on his golden throne smiling about the chaos he created. Supporters have already mentioned a revolution if he doesn’t win. He calls the voting rigged and yet only Trump supports have been caught trying to vote more than once and are being arrested by not following voting laws. These laws have always existed and I know this because I once took a brochure from someone outside of a school where I was going to vote and was immediately told to throw it out when I entered. These are facts. I know this won’t change how people feel. The anger some feel at the system is too great. The hate of people too great. Maybe I should start posting riots and against Gays. Gay bashing etc. The labeling of gay people as pedophiles. Or the great uproar over priests molesting children and instead of being charged, were moved by the Vatican to molest children elsewhere. Do you think that has stopped? Or the KKK riots, Skin head riots, black church shootings. Our history is full of people thinking they’re better than others. White people lynching black people like they were less human than their murderers.

Our nation’s big bang start occurred after the destruction and theft of Indians and their land. And our founding fathers created a list of laws favoring only wealthy men and adding the lie of freedom of religion.

My last point is…I read posts that have been fabricated to stir blind anger. Photoshop pictures with false headlines and stories that people repost. It’s scary what people want to believe. And yet we have someone who wants to lead us down that road already traveled and littered with the remnants of human rights and dignities. I want to continue forward.

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