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Do you think for yourself? Can you?.

Your world is happier than you think….

I never question the possibilities only relish in the unexpected.    M.E.

A kick in the ass from heaven!.

Wanna change your world????.

Men who display obvious attraction to women in public…..
teen girls who flash their boobs to a crowd for attention…
PDA of two people in love…
a nature show displaying two animals procreating…
video games that depict violence, crime and obscene behavior…
women breastfeeding their children in public….

Let’s see how you do… which are nature and which are ignorance.


 Anger got the best of me. I ranted and raged against a religion that claimed women were second class citizens. With two daughters and a son in tow I would not allow my son to believe he was better than his sisters, or have my daughters believing their future was limited and dependent on a husband. Parents have an obligation to raise open-minded, loving, respectable, children who as adults add balance to humanity. Once I got passed a few long-gone men’s huge egos, another realization hit. They were no better than I am, no more powerful, no less equal. And the God I believe in is an unconditional love entity that we all can hear and feel. I didn’t need a book or men to tell me what to believe and how to live and who to love. My mom raised me with morals and the knowledge of right and wrong.  To reach the being I knew existed, I simply had to listen to my heart, my inner voice, my higher self. And I did. An open mind provides a clear channel to the spiritual realm and to what many people like to label God. Only “God” turns out not to be a single powerful being but an epiphany that is only realized when you consider every human, animal, plant, fish, the grass and weeds etc. as all significant parts of one majestic entity where love resides and hate is an emotion born on earth.

The freedom from losing their earth learned faith is amazing.

You made me stronger….Despite you


I was tethered by blood struggling to be free

Every uttered strike hitting their mark

Bloodying my soul

Weakening my mind


I was young for a short time

And then I wasn’t

Born with a forgiving spirit

I gave you the chance at redemption

But you didn’t know I was just waiting for my prime

You no longer required emotional reception

So it became my time


I realized everything you said was wrong


And stood my ground.

And I didn’t hurt you to free myself.


Purging Anger…

The angry beat burrows into my heart to attack my soul

Pulls out my spirit

Holding it captive

While it drains the rage

Turning flames into ash

Then drops it back in

I rest peacefully


Here’s my heart…


It is exactly how it happened

Our worlds crashed

Blues eyes met brown

Exploding into meaning and purpose

They shattered and reformed

I tried to run away

But you stood your ground

Didn’t push didn’t pull

I had to make a choice

Be alive

Or live

I chose to live

Twenty one years later

Three beautiful children

My laughter couldn’t be more power

My smile… brighter

I’m standing on top of my world

And I’m not alone

No matter where I am or where I go my imagination turns the experience into an adventure. Sometimes in a crowded room, I hide who I am by not speaking or engaging in eye contact. I listen and observe hearing and seeing what everyone else misses. Even when the music is too loud and the buzz of conversation turns into shouting matches, it is quite where I am. My favorite place is never far away. I’m transported away from the chaos of living but seeking the place inside my mind no one can go. I cannot be touched. I cannot be damaged. I hover between life and death, nowhere and everywhere at the same time and I’m at peace.

After a short car ride, my body and mind find harmony in the cemetery where we laid my mother to rest. It is my personal sanctuary, the final reality of life, putting this body to rest only to be reborn again in another. It’s my happy place. It’s a glimpse into a new beginning. Death is just a phase in the transformation of living. Being alive with your body and thriving gloriously without.  

I sit on the manicured landscape, fixing the flowers while talking to my mother about my life. Though she is not really sleeping six feet under, she is most likely sitting beside me only because I am there, a visit away from home where thinking goes beyond the earthly limits and distractions. I think clearer. I feel better. I love fully.

People come to this beautiful place thinking this is the end. I find hope in knowing it is not. Everyone has this secret paradise. I’m not special.



We’re the dark shadows in your eyes

Always cut down by your tongue

Long before we could speak

Before we could hold a breath

We stuck together

Clung to sanity as we clung to each others’ hands

Asking questions no child should know existed

Your family turned their back on you

So you turned away from us

Made money your home

Deceit a doctrine you followed religiously

Fooling everyone who didn’t know you

You made us cry tears of rage and frustration

Every day for as long as the sun shone

And the moon ruled

You’ll never gather enough darkness to destroy us

Our mother’s undying love forever surging through our veins

A gift of US a shelter from the storm

Our scars glorious reminders

Of all the battles we eagerly fought

To eventually win the war

To become the opposite of you

As if you could bend no lower

You tried to draw a line through blood

It wasn’t enough to Sever ties between us and you

You needed to cut us apart

Pit one against another

Drown our hearts in your hate

A gloom you learned from your mother

Hoping to kill our spirits

As dead as yours

But we are stronger than your pain

And smarter than your hate

You will never destroy what we know and what you cannot understand

The love of Siblings