Writing challenge Blog day 2…. A room with a view..is not always a room.

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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No matter where I am or where I go my imagination turns the experience into an adventure. Sometimes in a crowded room, I hide who I am by not speaking or engaging in eye contact. I listen and observe hearing and seeing what everyone else misses. Even when the music is too loud and the buzz of conversation turns into shouting matches, it is quite where I am. My favorite place is never far away. I’m transported away from the chaos of living but seeking the place inside my mind no one can go. I cannot be touched. I cannot be damaged. I hover between life and death, nowhere and everywhere at the same time and I’m at peace.

After a short car ride, my body and mind find harmony in the cemetery where we laid my mother to rest. It is my personal sanctuary, the final reality of life, putting this body to rest only to be reborn again in another. It’s my happy place. It’s a glimpse into a new beginning. Death is just a phase in the transformation of living. Being alive with your body and thriving gloriously without.  

I sit on the manicured landscape, fixing the flowers while talking to my mother about my life. Though she is not really sleeping six feet under, she is most likely sitting beside me only because I am there, a visit away from home where thinking goes beyond the earthly limits and distractions. I think clearer. I feel better. I love fully.

People come to this beautiful place thinking this is the end. I find hope in knowing it is not. Everyone has this secret paradise. I’m not special.



  1. […] Writing challenge Blog day 2…. A room with a view..is not always a room. […]

  2. janyasilad says:

    Not special? On the contrary, I think you are! 🙂

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