I Will Vote Against

Posted: June 18, 2018 in Uncategorized
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Okay. I tried to do the unemotional adult thing by ignoring the news. Why? Because what started as a declaration to “Make us great again” has become blatantly obvious that it was code for…Make Trump great again. Those two statements make my head hurt. America is a good place to live comparative to other good places. Unfortunately, since Trump was put into office, that is no longer true. The reason the second statement bothers me is… Trump was never great. A silver spoon born, narcissist, with a dictator fantasy. A big mouthed, pervert who doesn’t know what a real day’s work entails but somehow is speaking the language of those poor desperate citizens who are clueless about his true intentions. A trump supporter, when asked about how he made Christmas great again, couldn’t come up with a single way he did so. They said Merry Christmas, enjoyed the holiday the same as before he was elected. It’s easy to understand how they miss all the horrible facts about their leader, when the organization he’s pretending to head… writes lies so well. People are scared. Those without jobs, healthcare, homes, food etc. were and some still are, blinded by their suffering. They are angry. Trump is nothing on his own. His father gave him millions. And yet he chose to screw hard workers and take advantage of the scared to build substandard buildings. He disrespects any woman who he feels inconsequential to. He acts tough to hide the coward inside. He’s a pretender. On Twitter he wrote how horrible it is to take children away from their parents and that’s happening as I write this. Our allies are becoming our enemies and our enemies are becoming our allies. Leaders who starve, kill and con their people into submission. This is who he looks up to. That is scary as hell. And his Lie about Christmas is stuck in his supporters minds, among all the other lies he tells. Most of us help each other. We give what we have to make someone less fortunate smile. Charity. Feeding the homeless. Taking care of out veterans. Our government is not doing that. We are. Complaining about a ACA is a way to call on our leaders to make it better. Put their hearts into it and stop the suffering. Nothing ever happens over night. A lot of care and thought has to go into problem solving. This administration, the “Let’s make America Great again” solution is to scrap it all and make the insurance companies milk and deny us before we die. I feel for that poor child who is born with a disfigurement or worse a life threatening condition. Well, since the baby got to be born, that is where this administrations help, ends. It is their way, after all. Pretty much what it comes down to. Guns and birth are the only rights we have at the moment. And that is terrifying. Peace out. Going back to my regular day of writing about romantic, gooey, warm and fuzzy relationships.

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