IS that smile for REALl?

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Do you know what I do? I create. I flesh out fantastic characters and make you fall in love with them, hate them, want to kill them, feel sorry for them, protect them and so on. We are talking about people who don’t exist…Or don’t they?

Perhaps they exist inside of you and that’s why the connection is so real. Maybe they’re someone you know at a glance or intimately. You’ve seen those sad eyes before, felt the urge to take protect so profoundly, your heart rate increases and the surge of violence is barely controllable.

You cry from their loss because you have lost and know what it is to walk in a daze hoping it’s all a bad dream. That one day you’ll wake up and wholeness will be there again.

Doing this creating has made me a better person, a better listener and a more compassionate being. It has allowed me to follow the path in a person’s life and understand who they are now; it what brought them to this place in their life.

In return I learned and used the insight on myself.

I’ve had a few obstacles to cross in my life. Hard choices I had to make all simply deciding if I should walk or stand still. When I chose to stand still…I was forced to walk or simply die. So I walked. Unless you knew me before…you could not understand that great feat.

I started out creating stories as a way to escape. Now I write to learn about others so I may be a better person, a better listener, the hand to hold and the shoulder to cry on. And the best of all is the joy of living every day to the fullest.

Now when I’m met with a smile, I smile back and when I’m greeted by a cranky cashier, I smile gently and ask how they are doing today.

I am more than a writer…I am an observer of hidden souls.


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