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Posted: October 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Dear Me,

Life is like a bowl of delicious soup and disappointment is the fly that just dropped into it.  Solution? Spoon the critter out and move on or kindly ask for a replacement. Unfortunately that’s not how most people work. They stare at the fly and get angry. It’s not the fly’s fault. You think it wanted to land in your hot soup and burn to death? Maybe the chef swatted at it and clipped its body causing damage to its wings. It’s not the chef’s fault either. She was doing what came naturally. An intruder invaded her sterile sanctum  and had to be destroyed.

Or maybe the chef held all life in high regard and tried to catch it. Just at the moment of capture, a waiter slammed into her causing her hands to close harder than anticipated, incapacitating the poor fly causing it to fall into the same bowl of soup that was brought to you.

Strange analogy huh?

“Shit Happens” is a universal cliché that should be changed to Shit Eventually Happens. Not everything that occurs is your fault or someone else’s. In fact whatever has happened started long before you were faced with the wonderful or horrible climax.  Novels, like life, have a beginning middle and end. Nothing just happens. There needs to be a sequence of events steered by decisions based on logic, passion or fear. Unlike novels, we don’t know the ending. Would be great if we did, but that wouldn’t get us out of bed every morning hoping to make progress in our personal growth.

So basically stop frowning, getting angry and blaming luck or others for your misfortune or accomplishments. We are all works in progress living our lives moment by moment in order to transcend the hardships in order to feel peace. What’s peace?

Peace is the point you get in your perception of living where you and you alone hold the strings to your happiness. It’s difficult and there will be many experiences where you think you’ve failed, but in reality you learned something to help you on your journey.

Once you stop blaming the fly, the waiter or the chef and see it as a fly in a soup, life gets much easier.


Truly Yours

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