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Like most people, I lived in a crazy house. Dysfunction ran rampant. Psychotic conflicts and events were flashing to and fro, but beneath it all, hiding in the shadows stalking me, my sister and brothers entities not belonging in our world.

Encounter one… of many.

One storming night, yes I said storming, because it was, my sister and eye witnessed an entity that was just as afraid of the weather as my brother. I’ll explain that. On nights such as those where wind whipped branches into siding and scraped windows and rain beat down so hard on the roof, that it sounded like thousands of angry fists, one brother would run into our room and sleep on the floor between our beds.

The unexplainable happened on such a night.

The harsh weather had me curled up in bed, covers snug around my neck my face burrowed into my pillow. My sister sleeping across the way offered some comfort.

I snuggled facing the wall when my sister shouted, “George get out of my bed.”

Rolling over, I saw “George” roll off her bed and continue under mine. I jumped out of bed, quite annoyed that he rolled under my bed scaring me half witless and ran over to the light switch turning it on, ready to yell at my brother.

I looked under my bed and no one was there. My sister and I stared at each other trying to make sense of what had just happened. I turned off the light, jumped back into bed and covered my head with my blankets.

Encounter two … of more.

I had a friend over, which in my house was a novelty. My mom didn’t like people in the house. I understand that now having the same sense of paranoia she did, but I digress.

Andrea and I were watching TV. I don’t remember what we were watching, maybe she does. I’ll have to ask her. Anyway we were sitting on the left side of the living-room where we could see the steps going up into the second floor where we, the children slept. Something caught the edge of my eye. I looked up the steps. Someone foggy, but definitely defined as a person’s outline, walked slowly up the steps. I looked at Andrea. She stared where I had and turned to me and said, “You didn’t just see that.” I don’t remember what happened next. I’ll have to ask her that.

Encounter three ….

Both me and my youngest brother John, while looking out our bedroom windows, on separate occasions, witnessed a man digging by the cherry tree in our backyard.

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