Healthy is more than a state of mind and fit body…

Posted: August 18, 2013 in life lessons
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We all seek out that perfect emotional, biological and spiritual balance. Some try to build a bubble that prevents pain and conflict from affecting them. Others use man made elixirs to escape into a fog of nothing. What kind of life is that? To be healthy we must forgo that journey to the bubble and face every challenge head on. Act on our instincts and do what we have to do to grow. What we truly desire is that moment when a challenge is nothing more than a way to learn a lesson or treat defeat as just another challenge. Most of us go through life taking everything personally. Why? Because whatever has been said or done to you triggers something you lived through, faced or are trying to avoid. The secret to dealing with such trepidation is to realize, everyone is experiencing the same struggle. We all have tempestuous demons to tame.

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