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We’re the dark shadows in your eyes

Always cut down by your tongue

Long before we could speak

Before we could hold a breath

We stuck together

Clung to sanity as we clung to each others’ hands

Asking questions no child should know existed

Your family turned their back on you

So you turned away from us

Made money your home

Deceit a doctrine you followed religiously

Fooling everyone who didn’t know you

You made us cry tears of rage and frustration

Every day for as long as the sun shone

And the moon ruled

You’ll never gather enough darkness to destroy us

Our mother’s undying love forever surging through our veins

A gift of US a shelter from the storm

Our scars glorious reminders

Of all the battles we eagerly fought

To eventually win the war

To become the opposite of you

As if you could bend no lower

You tried to draw a line through blood

It wasn’t enough to Sever ties between us and you

You needed to cut us apart

Pit one against another

Drown our hearts in your hate

A gloom you learned from your mother

Hoping to kill our spirits

As dead as yours

But we are stronger than your pain

And smarter than your hate

You will never destroy what we know and what you cannot understand

The love of Siblings