Writing challenge five101- A letter from the future

Posted: June 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I know when you read this letter; you won’t believe a word of it. Let me back up one step. You are me, thirty-two years ago, at the age of thirteen. The age before I knew what being an adult actually meant. This time of confusions and chaos has nothing to do with you. You are caught in the crosshairs of friendly fire. Children should be free from adult drama. Allowed their naivety of the world they will eventually swim in. Anyone who interrupts those innocent years is selfish beyond reason.

Right now life is tough for you. The fighting between mom and dad is never ending and so confusing. School, I know, sucks. It always felt like you had a target on your back. From first grade until ninth was one long nightmare with many brief interludes of fitful resting periods. I’d never done anything to anyone.  In fact I would have been happy to have been left alone, but as you are getting to know, that didn’t seem to be an option.

The reason I’m writing this and sending it to you is because life gets better and you will meet your life partner who will stick by your side through your insane times and applaud all your strengths, skill and talents. You will have strength of mind to know who you are and not allow anyone to change you. The best of you is coming.

I do hope, at the most this brings you comfort and at the very least this amuses you. I needed to laugh more back then in any case.


Everything you’ve been through and what you will go through is worth the journey. Trust me.

I know


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