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Losing their faith (part 2)


I didn’t start questioning God’s morals and until years after my grandma’s death. When you’re a child all matters are explained with a thick coating of sugar. When you learn the alphabet, teachers and parents slowly spoon feed you each letter by using entertaining books and fun songs. Later you learn the meat of the lessons, expected to fully understand grammar, punctuation and a myriad of confusing rules in order to communicate clearly. Thus the religious lessons that began as loving fun church homilies and bible stories were just the bait on the hook. When they finally added the meat to the lessons, a red flag went up, but I was young and trusting of the adults who followed the teachings without question. I, on the other hand, heard a lot of hypocrisy and therefore started compiling questions, storing them in the shadows of my mind. At one point, the red flag turned into a blaring alarm which I could not ignore and the love I believed God was, turned out to be conditional.

…to be continued


Posted: August 11, 2013 in life lessons
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We are bits and pieces of ourselves. Cut and paste from others. Memories of before. Experiences through a child’s eyes and understanding. We are not us until we cut and chisel those jagged edges off. Reveal the truth beneath. Accept and own our flaws. Love what we’ve uncovered. Embrace the courage it took to find our story. Hone the strength to persevere. Face those who judge with a confident smile. Be the star and director of our movie. Only then will those pieces that don’t fit fall away to uncover the beautiful you.