"Menome" the sense of self… or is there?.

Self accusation is the result of other people’s criticisms invading your world.

a past moment reflected into black light.

Thought of you today. A moment. Not even a second. For the first time there was no pain. No anxiety. No wonders. No whys. I thought of you and shrugged. My world is balanced now. Precise. Full of happy mistakes and carefree adventures. Understanding is a given. Judgment, a crumpled piece of paper from the past, just another story thrown to the cutting room floor. I can’t even remember why or maybe I no longer care, but it’s a good thing. A good feeling to know how to shrug and to not walk away but wander off in a different direction. Always something new and exciting around that corner, if I allow it to be. Otherwise a different direction, another option and another new adventure awaits. Sorry I took you seriously. You weren’t that kind.

Over the Rainbow.

Over the Rainbow

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

The end of the rainbow and the beginning of true love…

Today the Supreme Court submitted to humanity’s hunger for love without prejudice. They weren’t the pioneers of this, no. The pioneers of this hard journey are people who fought hate inside their homes and out on the streets. Were bullied, beaten and killed for being who they are. I won’t even pretend to know what that’s like, but it made me angry none-the-less. I will never understand the hate for being different. Everyone is different. Who people love— Why people love and even how people express love are unique to us all.

They say God doesn’t make mistakes then why do people question his creations?

Did they ever think that maybe the challenge to accept is ours and so is the challenge to be. In our differences we are the same because we’re all being watched, scrutinized, and judged no matter what.

While this is by far, an amazing accomplishment, it’s sad that it had to go to the supreme court for resolution to legalize what should have been understood as a basic right from the beginning.

We are one. When you hurt so do I.

Who asked you?.